Exile and Pride

February 28, 2006 at 8:53 PM (Assumptions, Body Image, Books, Cerebral Palsy) (, )

The above is a title of a really great book.

Someone else who loves language, who uses twenty dollar words with ease and uses them when five dollar words would do…

I hope to write about the places I know in Canada someday with the same rich description the author gives their home ground.

Someone else who has been pushed and pushed and pushed to do the supercrip deal, because that’s the image that the able are most comfortable with.

They’re an athlete because they want to be, not because they give a good damn about competing with the able.
I can’t fathom that because, well, pain hurts and I get no joy from exertion, no clean endorphin rush and jump while I swim or walk….but it’s interesting to read.

Other differences exist, but this book strikes several similar chords to my experience…good stuff.

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Watching ‘Murderball.’

February 28, 2006 at 8:44 PM (Crip Jocks, Murderball)


Something that shows people as *people* first and the disabilities kinda drag in behind as an afterthought…

I’ll keep my own counsel about what I dislike…because there’s so much in here that is just great.

Fierce competition

Playing just as hard as they train.

But I do feel sorry for them

Not for the disability

Not for the stress of competing

For the *horridly* lame-ass narration they had to endure during an educational video of sorts during their rehab time after spinal cord injury.

Good Gawd, rehab staff.

How about some *humor* or subject friendly narration!!!

Instead, some doctor bleats into a camera he is clearly afraid will morph into a gun and *shoot* him during the filming of the video…

The rest is just a giant lovely explanation of the *people,* their dreams realized, and their flaws.

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