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February 2, 2006 at 6:26 PM (Uncategorized) ()

On MSNBC’s “Countdown”

There is, apparently, another memo.

Allegedly, in a meeting between President Bush and Tony Blair, that occured while UN weapons inspectors were still inspecting, the president advised the prime minister that he planned to go to war even if the UN inspectors did not find any WMD’s.

Of course that fits right in with statements made after the WMD’s were not found, that the WMD’s were not actually the reason that the President went to war.

And, then, later Mr Olbermann interviewed Michael Schaivo.

And again…apparently one must either agree with Governor Jeb Bush’s actions, Tom Delay’s actions, Bill Frist’s actions and the President’s actions, or, approve wholeheartedy of Michael Schiavo’s actions. Not surprisingly I can’t do either.

If the Governor, the President, the Congress, and several loopy special interest groups had not decided to make Terri Schiavo’s case a national issue, I would find Mr Schiavo’s PAC mean spirited and useless.

But they *did* make that decision so any hay that PAC makes they will have to live with.

Either/or black/white yes/no.

Instead, I’ll reiterate what I believe to be true.

Such decisions are among the most personal and painful to be made.
The courts decided it before the media circus intervention and they made the final decision.

Write it down, so if your family has to make such a decision, your words will be there to guide them.

Our politicians and crusading groups should stay out of our churches, our homes, and our hospital rooms….

And *neither side* wants to recognize the concerns of those with disabilites, unless they can use those very real fears of family, or medical persons deciding that we are not usefull enough to live.

I’ll quote the great sticker of Mouth again, as I did at the time.

“I support the ‘Right to Die.’ You go first.”

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