"Should auld aquaintance be forgot…"

December 31, 2005 at 1:48 PM (Holiday)

I’ve decided to remember my best New Year’s Eve’s.

It’s the late Seventies or early Eighties and I’m thinner (139? Jeezus I think I’d sell my soul to the devil to weigh that again.) I only have one disability to deal with, not six.

I had attended at least one really cool party at my best friends from high school’s house where I made the aquaintance of great music and rum and coke at the early age of fifteen. The party had been so cool that even without the booze, I decided to start having parties of my own. My best friend also continued the cool party thing (I forget if she and I ‘traded off?’ or what happened once I began to go to college, but I seem to remember parties at both her and my house going on for substantially the same guest list for a time. )

My parent let me have a party in the house, (liquor included after my friends and I were of age) The partygoers always knew where to go to get their own soda and snacks, so I wasn’t physically running around playing hostess after the initial setup.

Good music, some actual dancing in the big kitchen/family room when the table and chairs were relegated to an inoffensive (and safe ) corner and a bunch of truly congenial people. Sometimes they didn’t have much in common with each other (except knowing me). One thing they all seemed to do was make an effort to be friendly with those they didn’t know…and to enjoy getting along with some profoundly different people, at least for that evening, and take a shared pleasure in teasing me or joking with me.

“So, that money you were supposed to pay me to be your friend? Where’s the check? Hey, by my calculation you now owe me $ 7,324.62!” Others’ thought this so humorous, they chimed in as well.

“Yeah, you shorted me last month!”

“Don’t tell me the darn thing’s in the mail! I don’t buy it!”

And, inside my head, the wistful wish that the evening would end with a kiss from someone I admired. Never happened, but it was always part of the flavor, inside my head. The Future never clued me in that hey, the love of my life *was* going to show up, but not until 1985.

Things that never happened at my parties:

Drunken fistfights.

Sudden, uncomfortable public breakups.

Tragic post party drunk driving accidents.

And best of all my parent *stayed away* for the majority of the party, so I truly ran the thing myself. She understood that one of the coolest things about having the gathering was being mistress of the house for the duration.

So, particularly for the guests of those parties who are not around anymore, as well as the rest I hold dear…For Auld Lang Syne…

Happy 2006 folks…you’re all one of a kind.

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