And, another wish…

December 28, 2005 at 10:13 PM (Uncategorized)

that I get to go back here sometime this summer.

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The Wish List for 2006

December 28, 2005 at 9:23 PM (Uncategorized)

Like I’ll get these…but goals have to be put out there or they will never be achieved (gosh I sound like my maternal parent today)

1. A widespread embrace of the concept of Visitability in home remodeling and new home building, where everyone recognizes that adding one accessible bath and one zero step entrance (even as a side or back door), does not alter the image of a home, and makes it a place where the older or more infirm among us can live in their own homes longer and enjoy their independence longer, thus sparing unecessary assisted living and/or nursing home costs for awhile.

2. Bipartisan support and prioritization of the Money Follows the Person Act, that outlines and proves that spending the same government money on in home care, rather than institutionalization of a disabled or elderly person will be *cheaper for the government* and more cost effective, not to mention a more pleasant and dignified experience of age or disability than many nursing home residents have.

3. That more people would read and/or post comments at Ragged Edge Online/Edge Centric. It’s a wealth of information about crips et al.

4. the “Ouch” weblog. Same notation.

5. That I have the time/$$ to buy more valuable nonfiction works.

6. That the just passed Medicare/Medicaid cuts can be rescinded.

7. That more accessible travel/entertainment venues spring up.

8. That *access* for people with disabilities stops being a grudging, *grit their teeth and pay for it,* response from businesses, and or transportation companies.

9. That ables understand that Western Medicine/Alternative Medicine/Religion *won’t* cure us all, and should not be used as another method of making the problem of disability [and the disabled with it ] Go Away.


10. May all the bloggers I’ve met while bouncing around the Internet have an amazing 2006.

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