Clouds & Mountains @ Christmas

December 22, 2005 at 7:56 PM (Uncategorized)

This morning the sunrise hit the clouds and made the oddest sort of light. The clouds were heavy and pink and something that should have lit the sky further felt like a new sort of dusk.

The weather’s in the sixties here, and dry in the city.

At lunch I had an opportunity to stop and take a breather and stare out the windows in the office cafeteria…and because of the angle of the building, I could look south, and nearly see Pike’s peak in Colorado Springs, and in turn, look north and catch a glimpse of something that might have been Longs Peak…with a long string of mountains in between shades of blue, brown and purple holding up the sky…with high clouds and sunlight and blue skies that reminded me more of Canada in July than December in Colorado.

It’s not the snowy postcard Christmas. But it’s got a beauty all it’s own.

And yes, I’ve got to get all the positive mileage I can get out of this weekend. Because I won’t be with family…and with just a few friends… It’s expected, I suppose, that I pretend that isn’t difficult.

But it is…My family actually comes close to the storybook, Norman Rockwell sort of Christmas…and to be watching from a distance…is painful.

So, I’ll let the scenery speak to me and distract me from being lonesome

But I swear to Any and All Belief systems, if I hear “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” just once more, someone’s musical device will be a twisted hunk of metal in the bottom of my trashcan.

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