A loaded question

December 7, 2005 at 9:18 PM (Assumptions, Attitude Adjustment) (, )

Why are there able bodied people who see someone sitting in a wheelchair and automatically assume that :

Person in the wheelchair=incompetent fool?

It was 0 degrees this morning.

And a windchill of 20 below.

And things I cannot discuss here are *****ing me off.

Lewis Black, my favorite perpetually angry comic has been a great antidote.


It was still a 20 below windchill this morning….

This is the first job I have had to travel back and forth to with a wheelchair in mind…

*All* the metal parts in the wheelchair got so cold in the *trunk of the car* during a mile and a half trip, I *burned my hands* when I put them on the chair as I went into work

And, I had a journey with someone who really really wanted to see Nebraska tonight, arguing with me and insisting he had to travel as far east as was humanly possible from South Denver to get me home, when really, all I needed to do was go a mile and a half *west*

I can’t wait for my little three day weekend Christmas in my accessible apartment with my Pitful Sized tree that would have failed the audition for any of the Charlie Brown Christmas Specials no question.

Because the tree won’t ask me questions that the questioner is far better equipped to answer than I am,thus producing a brain engine overload of the highest caliber.

The menu will not be comprised of Things I Can No Longer Eat.

The tree is decorated with two of my personal favorite colors, blue and silver, no red, green or gold in sight. (Including a blue,silver and white star at the top…with little white lights.)

I did not ergonomically design said tree, it has not met quality standards, it’s shape does not meet the geometric qualifications to be classified as a perfect iscoceles triangle and the person who put up the tree did not decide that it would be best viewed by *standing on their head afterwards*

And, I won’t be out in 20 below windchil Proving Myself Worthy of Employment.

Merry Freakin’ Christmas.

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From an email I recieved…

December 7, 2005 at 9:12 PM (Uncategorized) ()

from a good friend who guessed that I might be dealing with enough offline stuff not to be blogging like mad.

“TOWN HALL MEETINGDecember 13, 20051640 W. Roosevelt RoadAuditorium4 P.M. – 5:30 P.M.”History is the archives of human experiences, and of the thoughts ofpast generations; history is our collective memory.”-Historian GerdaLernerWhat should the Chicago Disability History Exhibit look like? You tellus!Local disability organizations, activists, and scholars are invited todiscuss the upcoming Chicago Fair for Disability Arts & Culture(city-wide from April 20 to 30) and, in particular, the ChicagoDisability History Exhibit (April-June 2006).Project coordinators will be on hand to explain these events and tocultivate ideas for events/things/people that should be included in theChicago Disability History exhibit so that it truly reflects ourcollective memory and the range of triumphs and struggles that make updisability experience and culture. The town meeting will function as aninitial brainstorming session amongst those who have lived the history.However, a critical goal of this project is to solicit input andmaintain an on-going critique of the exhibit throughout its formationand display.Your participation is key to the success of this important endeavor,which seeks to preserve, honor, and protect Chicago’s rich and diversehistory of people with disability.For further information, please call 312-413-1975, or e-mail DavidMitchell (dmitchel@uic.edu), Sharon Snyder (ssnyder@uic.edu) or SharonLamp (slamp1@uic.edu). Captioning will be provided.”

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