Weighing in, Vegas style.

December 2, 2005 at 9:05 PM (travel)

One of the political blogs I read on a “daily” basis has a place for people to post personal diaries.

One caught my interest because it had very excellent shots of the bloggers trip to Las Vegas, great shots of the Strip lit up at night etc.

I find I enjoy Las Vegas in small doses. (I have found my addictive personality and games of chance don’t mix well)…a great place for playing, and seeing shows…I also have a longtime close friend who lives there. I love seeing the massive amounts of electric lights and signage from the air, at night. The plane is flying in you see nothing, nothing, nothing and then BAM! Instant Overkill. The visual equivalent of the omnipresent slot machine noise. Too Much of A Good Thing!

the most elaborate masterful holiday displays become small and pathetic by comparison, and go running to their mommy crying in disgrace after being judged against the vivid Strip.

(21! we have a winner!)

One of the things I love about Vegas is that you can rent an electric scooter if walking around one of those massive megacasinos is too difficult or tiring.

(Place your bets!)

I’m not quoting from this diary, not because I’m a coward but because I can no longer locate it, so I’ll have to paraprhase.

The blogger was incensed that heavy people were allowed to rent scooters. She sees a heavy person on a scooter and instantly forms a judgement “They should be walking,” and differentiates “disabled” as an allowable reason to use such things, whereas “heavyset” is worthy of her judgement and condemnation..She also wasn’t allowing comments, because she stated she was afraid with being dogpiled with negativity about her opinions

(9, 7 offsuit, the lousiest hand in Texas Hold ‘Em)

So I’ll answer those charges here, myself, since I wasn’t permitted the luxury of a sharp comment.

(Free drinks!)

1. If someone is heavyset they may also have underlying medical conditions that would *require* the use of such devices in a space as large as the MGM Grand or Bellagio, whether the person weighed 110, 150,210 or even 310. (and yeah, disabled *and* heavyset *that would be *me.*) I think given the way that disabled people are viewed in American society, added to the way big people are percieved in this society means *we need more fun!,* to recover from the nasty remarks and social isolation no one would ever proffer to a “normal” sized person.

(life’s a crapshoot)

We need more entertaining. We need healthy dishes prepared in interesting restaurants to have a fun hour socializing to distract us from the junk food.

We need some humor (Penn and Teller) some intricately staged shows (Cirque de Soleil)

And just a dash of gaming, for silliness sake. (although my gaming days are over.)

*We’re allowed to be part of the Vegas experience!*

(“I’m all in!”)

2. You, the able bodied observer are making judgements about big people and assuming the stereotype of “lazy” applies to every big person, especially those who openly use assistive devices.

(Your “tells” are showing.)

3. If you had a parent, sibling, child, friend or partner that was big and decided to go that route, I’d imagine your little snit of useless outrage wouldn’t occur at all.

4. So, I’ll be mean spirited and hope that the odds aren’t with the blogger next time they hit the Strip…

( and that’s no bluff.)

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