Thou Shalt Not Covet

October 13, 2005 at 7:03 PM (Assistive Technology, Assumptions) ()

Well I blew that one today.

I was waiting for my paratransit ride, and I spotted a young lady coming out of the building.

She has my disability, but not my weight problem…she gets around with a walker…and better still…drives her own vehicle…so the deadly sin of covetousness while I’m waiting to be lifted strapped and hauled back home …

It’s my understanding that those with cerebral palsy are able to drive on a “case by case,” basis. Some can some can’t. I’ve given it a shot three times. The last attempt involved a near miss of a young boy and two dogs. (No one hurt, no harm no foul. ) but I decided after that that I would not attempt it again.

It’s another one of those limits difficult to explain to the able bodied….I have no depth perception and have a great deal of difficulty determining when to change lanes, and am unable to parallel park…I’m missing some nebulous sense of spatial orientation that many of the able seem to have…

And I know that it has been just as difficult for someone who *can and does* drive to explain to anyone else how it is done.

It’s no doubt related to why I had such a horrible time with geometry, or the spatial part of some mental testing done by the local Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation.

So I have all the hangups of owning a car, and none of the fun.


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