I knew that library

October 2, 2005 at 2:20 PM (Uncategorized) ()

master’s degree would come in handy someday.

For those like myself who came extremely late to the disability rights party, there’s a site explaining what came before. (US version)

While it’s not as good as actually being in physical proximity to the collection (whine!) it’s a great start.

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Thinking out loud

October 2, 2005 at 9:31 AM (Employment)

This will just be a personal rant posted for mainly theraputic reasons, as I try to manage galloping anxiety about beginninng work tomorow.

Another thing that has nothing to do with the job per se:

This space and the interactions I get from all the other cool spaces I visit, particularly those of other disabled bloggers are quite important. My intent is to continue with small bits of activism and this blog as part of the disabled community, even though I am now going to change to ‘disabled and working.’

I won’t be able to make midday meetings. Or go to functions that are not on evenings and weekends.

I will be able to contribute more to some good disability organizations, once my money levels out, and that makes me feel decent. When I worked previously, I was viewing myself as nondisabled. (Not only did that get me in trouble, but I wasn’t thinking in terms of the larger community.) My bad. Now that I’m going to allow for impairment and a paycheck both in my head, I can at least write some checks. (small ones at first, laugh)

I don’t want to lose the habit of writing, or the need to stay informed and snark my own opinions on this and that. The high verbal, high frequency of posts will probably come down somewhat, but my intent is to write at least every other day.

There’s also going to be a very earnest attempt to do something I haven’t been very successful with…

Saving money, with a specific dedicated amount that will increase gradually. I’m soon to be 44. I’m starting *late.* IRA will have to be the route I go for now.

And before I write more that proves I am frightened completely out of my head, I will sign off for now.

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