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The Department of Education

(cross- posted yesterday to my Livejournal since blogger was down)
So explain this to me like I’m five.

(The caveat is, I’m nearly as ignorant as any able person about the RSA and its workings, having had minimal contact with them in 2003 and in college. I’m watching this as an ‘outsider’. ) Nonetheless I read about the actions being taken by the RSA and basically said “WTF? Back up the truck…” This makes no sense…under any administration, red, blue or green.

The Rehabilitation Services Administration, an organization whose purpose it is to find disabled persons gainful employment let things get so out of hand with the firing (termination, layoff, whichever is the correct term) employees of theirs that had disabilities, and were by their work,

1. Giving back to the disabled communityAnd

2. Fulfilling the purpose of the organization by working there.The Administration is going through a reorganization that means many regional jobs, for disabled and non-disabled workers there will be eliminated….but reassignment to a different job type is evidently common in these situations: Long story short, that is not happening for the disabled members of the RSA workforce.

That said disabled and blind employees have taken legal action to attempt to stop their firing with the beginning of the RSA’s fiscal year October 1.And, the pretzel-like thinking that means of course, if they lose their jobs, one of the resources that they could avail themselves of is the RSA, to get new jobs.

God, I need a drink.

Got this from They’re more thorough than I.

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