Eighty Eight Miles an Hour

August 2, 2005 at 5:18 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

Twenty years ago this month…on another of those hot sunlit August days Future Preacherman called me and inquired about Being My Significant Other, as to whether the position was still open.

He, and his comicbooks had been summarily dismissed from my sphere back sometime in 1978. He opined that spending an afternoon buried in the complexities of the DC universe was more appealing to him than an afternoon in my company, and I decided he needn’t waste anymore afternoons in pursuit of myself.

But by August 1985, I was certainly ok with finding out whatever happened to him.
He was disabled as well, but his trouble involved hips and knees and was much less visible than my own.

I wasted a Sunday evening talking with him, keeping him from church, much to his mother’s puzzlement.

By Wednesday we were dating, and by Saturday we had investigated that new film about Michael J Fox and a time-traveling concept car. Science-fiction nerd heaven. We did marriage, and then I did widowhood.

I miss twenty years ago. Simply because we had no idea what growing up would entail.

My advice this August. If an old boyfriend/girlfriend calls you, and you happen to be unattached, don’t waste time worrying.
Drive around in a big old car, or worse yet, drive somewhere completely useless, just because you can. Listen to music. Walk in the park.

Meet with friends. Meet with family. (I know, *that* one could be bumpy.)

Spend time outside in the sun, and get to know the person again, even if you decide not to reconnect on a more complicated level.

Don’t take your friends for granted either, because time can make them dissapear.

If religion is something you do, take the rubix cube of different faiths and puzzle with them until you find one that suits. If not, maybe a group or cause, or a need will fit the bill.

We know things now that we did not know twenty years ago.

About buildings, planes, bombs, hazardous commuting, armies and justifications for war.

I’m not preaching, “mope around like it’s your last day,” (hell no) more like, run and catch the train of your life, and make sure you glance out all the windows and read all the dusty magazines before you get off. Do that important thing, whatever it is, now, immediately, right away.

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