We hate telethons

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Top Ten Ideas/Attitudes that need to change.

God does not give the disabled their conditions as some kind of sick test, nor is visible or invisible affliction a sign of a lack of faith or deep sin. (Some of us have ditched a faith or belief system at our own option. That’s different).

We’re not saints either. Lessee, a certain filched closet, twelve cream ales in three hours, (or, six Long Island Iced Teas in a club off of I-271 in Mayfield Heights Ohio, various road trips, romances in the most unlikely of venues,) etc. etc. which leads me to the third, most annoying myth.

We Have Relationships–so lay of the pity for that one y’all. It’s truly annoying as well as devoid of factual basis. Your humble blogger was Married For Real (although the maternal parent could never stop acting as if we were playing house) Then came widowhood. The three years between 1993-96 were as much of a dating variety nightmare as any able woman. Really. For a male perspective go watch the movie Murderball. Review says: “Women love quads. Quads love women.” Further than that I shan’t go. Go see the flick.

We do have it harder, and sometimes we bitch and moan about it. It’s not all achievement all the time.

Some of us are athletes and damn good ones. Same movie as previously mentioned.

If we have jobs and insurance and homes, it’s because we earned them, so stop being so damned insecure and snarking behind our backs that we only got the job because of the disability, or are being coddled and given half-measures because of it.

We are not sitting around waiting for a cure. Now, if one came along, we might investigate it. But we have things to do.

We’re often as smart, or smarter than the rest of you. Quit punishing us for it.

Yes, we are in line. So stop looking over our heads for the next able bodied customer.

Even if you don’t see us, we see you. So if you do something stupid, or silly, or asinine in front of that invisible person in the wheelchair, don’t be surprised if that person in the chair takes note of it, for use later. Being invisible does occasionally have its advantages.

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