Is Just a Window the Answer

April 29, 2005 at 3:00 PM (Uncategorized) ()

The link above talks about the actions taken by a school district after a paraprofessional (that word makes me think of DannyDivito’s ‘paralawyer’ character in ‘The Rainmaker’), allegedly molested developmentaly disabled persons in their charge.

“Quite Problematic” are the words used by school officals in telling us why the students are unable to eat lunch with their able bodied classmates. I wonder: if the parents sue them will they still think a window is both less expensive and less problematic than watching the watchers?

Evidently this “paraprofessional” locked the separate room that the developmentally disabled students were lunching in so that no one could see them allegedly do what they allegedly did.

If ‘separate but equal’ situations are allowed under law, then that’s frightening. At the very least this incident should motivate the school, and any school to have two “paraprofessionals” monitor the children as watchdogs over each other as well as the kids…along with that much less costly window.

It makes me think of Gary. They had a peer tutoring thing going in the special school that I began my education in. When we were both in kindergarten we had about the same level of math skills. By the fourth grade I was multiplying and dividing while Gary was lost in the forest of additon. I took some time and tried to help Gary with his math…there was little success but he *tried* so hard.

I’d imagine school is a scary enough place for those with mental or developmental disabilities…adding predators makes it nightmarish…


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