Healthy, but still fat

April 13, 2005 at 2:41 PM (Uncategorized)

Sigh. I’ve limited my salt because of blood pressure. Sugar is limited because the roomate is a diabetic. Other health conditions tell me I must limit fat and high fiber, acidic foods and wheat. In additon, I’ve got no problem with 20 minutes a day of exersize (weight training twice a week) and drinking plenty of water. I couldn’t do the exersize without great tapes by a lady named Kelly Bliss, so I’ll thank her here. They’re great for those more than 75 pounds overweight who buy the erroneous idea that they cannot move. My goal here is purely to maintain some measure of mobility and has nothing to do with numbers own a scale.

It has not produced nearly enough of the socially acceptable result.

So, this is notice to the world that more than the above I simply will not do.

No matter what the gentleman in Newsweek who wrote ‘Too Much Acceptance” profiled at
says, my predicament and that of my fellow large people deserves acceptance.

As a thin person, you may believe that you know what I’m not doing in my life by the size of my clothing or how much space I take up. You have no idea, so with all due respect shut the hell up. So many heavy people that I know devote themselves to heath and exersise, as well as eating foods that, rather than being full of ’empty calories’ are both good tasting and good for them. Some lose weight and some do not.

I admit that most of the reason *I* find myself here is the wrong sort of calories…but once one finds oneself here, and truly says farewell to the wrong foods it is *still* such a debilitating cycle of shame and guilt to push in the other direction and not acheive the socially acceptable result.

I’m carrying enough, so I’m ditching the guilt and shame part, along with the junk food that had to go away for medical reasons.

Off to have some chicken risotto and garlic along with veggie juice and sorbet.



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I give up. They know everything

April 13, 2005 at 1:17 PM (Privacy)

Personal information brokers, and the weird letter I got in the mail.

I don’t know why I should bother protecting private information anymore. I know of at least six organizations that have *everything* on me. But I still do.

And, someone claiming to be the US Dept of Health advised via letter that they would be coming around to interview possibly me or members of my household. They even provided a lure. 30.00 cash.

I’m not biting. When that bell rings, even if it turns out to be legit, I am going to refuse that interview. I don’t allow strangers into my home, least of all those carrrying genuine (or bogus) ids from a governmental health organization.

Let them go to Keyhole and take a picture of my house and the Medical Information Bureau to get my medical information, those oh so safe information brokers in the news recently to get my decimated credit score, my employment history, my level of education, and the fact that I do not posses a driving record…as well as the Voting commission to obtain my party affiliation.

They won’t hear it from me.

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