My Knights

April 12, 2005 at 5:09 PM (Friends) ()

Another personal post, so skip it if the sugar content chokes too much.

I’ve got three particular friends I want to talk about today. I’ve got more who are just as important in their own way…they’ll get their own “thanks” posts later.

The first, who I see rarely, never the less figured out that I had a good time in a fast car, and dragged me to some of the more scenic (and let’s not forget perilous, shall we?) places in Colorado. I wondered often if I would return in one piece, but I did, and I’m grateful. (My scooter doesn’t go *nearly* fast enough to give me the same jolt.)

The second, who I have known for twenty four years now, does one simple thing. At one point early on, I behaved like an ass, and he decided to show me that unfashionable quality: mercy. When I got married he stayed around for the long hall, and showed mercy again, and again and again, no matter how intense or difficult things became, not only to me, but to my husband.

I’ve changed some more, so has he, but that face of kindness and mercy seems to be the one he consistently shows me.

I appreciate it.

And the third who I have known almost as long but not nearly so well…he’s done the most important thing of all.

I wrestle with depression, along with the conviction that genetics and certain events in my life have functionally altered my brain chemistry so that I am, quite literally, not the same person I was before some tough events. Close, but no cigar.

Family, and others wish otherwise. But this friend, he baldly put the cards on the table and said, “You’re fragile underneath all that. But that’s ok.”

Thanks, guys.


Back to the President, and his IPOD. Another of the pundits mentioned tonight that “Centerfield” is another one of Mr. Bush’s favorites.

“Put me in Coach?” …. hmm does he see himself as a … team player?


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