A Thanks.

April 4, 2005 at 9:02 PM (Uncategorized)

Thanks to the responder I’ll call The Music Detective 🙂 He’s found the song I was searching for, and has produced a figurative happy dance at my keyboard.

(Bowing) I owe you one, so if theres some obscure bit of fluff that would brighten your day, I’ll try and hunt it up 🙂


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American Idle

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Good legal drama was eviscerated from the inside of The Practice, and produced the disgusting (yes I do feel that strongly about it) Boston Legal

(Although Law and Order does manage a good job of cloning decent drama )

Good daytime drama was held up to the lens of the Sopranos, and Hey Presto (mentioned in this week’s Entertainment Weekly) we get mob lite. No blood or deaths. Just a lot of dark endless Angst .

(Jeezus. As though 9-11 and its sequelae don’t give us enough to brood over.)

There’s always Reality TV. Bachelors, Survivors, American Idol, and the entire reality lineup of VH1 that I can’t even mention by name, it freaks me so.

I admit to being a Pundit TV junkie. PBS on Friday gives me a gleeful glimpse of local politics and issues at a caffeinated pace. (although I surf away from Tucker Carlson Unfiltered. The bow tie gives him no credibility points at all, *before* he opens his mouth. )
When I watch at all, I want my TV to take me away from reality, not dump me hip deep in it.

Last year it managed to do it splendidly with a rebroadcast of Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” not seen since it’s original airing in the 50’s. Julie Andrews voice intact sings beautifully. She fills the title role in costumes that look lovely even in black and white, even though she did sport a really 50’s haircut.

I want my Fake TV.

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A cool quote.

April 4, 2005 at 7:56 PM (Uncategorized)

“May The Forces Of Evil get confused on the way to your house!” –George Carlin

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April 4, 2005 at 3:25 PM (Assumptions, family, Friends) (, )

A fellow with extreme spasticity and limited mobility is trapped in a two story house with his mom with un-modified restrooms, and he’s over 50. His mom has been doing home care for him for his entire existence and knows full well the distasteful and difficult obstacles that would be lessened by living in an accessible space. It’s not that they’re on a waiting list. No move has been made toward this by the fellow or his mother.

A loving single mom has an able bodied daughter. The little one’s grandfather “visits” with the girl by defying the mom’s request to have her home in two or three days time, and keeps her for a week or more. “She’s my granddaughter and you can’t tell me what to do.” Evidently this gentleman is incapable of seeing his disabled daughter as a parent. [disgusted snort].

A visually impaired woman cannot have her mail delivered to her home address, because someone has figured out its easy to ‘filch’ her mail.

A young lady with physical challenges lives with her parents in an area outside paratransit or busline boundaries. She could work, or live elswhere, but the waiting list is closed in most nearby counties, and the parents, in their golden years, are disinclined to relocate to an accesible town.

The mother of an independently functioning disabled woman cannot play a fully enjoyable role in her daughter’s life as friend, confidant and advisor because she refuses to address her own health issues.

To the parents and friends of the disabled: Denying our limitations or your own is closing the door to full accesibility, full co-operation, full coexistence. We’re sorry that your parenting role may not have ‘ended’ as early as you’d like.

Denying that we *can* be fully functioning adults is the lousy flipside of the same coin. We really do need a middle ground of ‘assistance’ from the circle of our friends and parents. Too little and we’re trapped. Too much and *they’re* trapped and we are denied our full potential.

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